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Danse Macabre
Dance Macabre
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“Danse Macabre” in CK: Movement Concept® - Capoeira – Butoh

This practical workshop gives an insight into the working method of the El Haddawi Dance Company. Additionally we will work with material from the dance theatre performance„Danse Macabre“, which will be staged in summer 2016 in the Czech Republic. We invite all participants of the workshop to dance with us. The following three methods are turning into a synthesis within the work of the El Haddawi Dance Company and evolve into an impressive dance and theatre language for a professional dance theatre production.

Movement Concept®: A Dance Theatre System founded my Ingo Taleb Rashid, including elements of modern dance, classical dance, acting and martial arts. Capoeira: It is a Brazilian martial art and dance form with African roots. A main element is called „Ginga“ a swaying step from side to side, which leads into defence and attack movements. Capoeira is performed with live music.

Butoh: Is an avant-garde Japanese dance art with roots in the Japanese tradition and an intensive contemporary connotation. Butoh goes beyond the boundaries of common dance convention and aesthetics and works a lot with improvisation resulting from self-reflection of the dancer.


Saturday, 13th of February 2016 from 15.00 – 19.00

Where: Dance Studio in the first floor of the Cesky Krumlov City Theatre With Ingo Taleb Rashid, atistic director of the El Haddawi Dance Company and Joao Carlos Bordallo, Capoeira Mestre and Butoh Dancer.

It is a free workshop.

Donations are welcome.