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Krumlov Inspiration in cooperation with Stifter Balloons Association realizes lookout flights in hot air balloons above Český Krumlov and region.


Stifter Balloons Association - Aeronaut Jan Smrčka


It is possible to fly by hot air balloons above Český Krumlov or region every morning and every evening. We can provide several balloons and make for example a competition – in navigation, range of flight etc.

It`s fun and unforgettable experience!

Ticket price for individuels:

1 flight/ per person 4.980,- CZK
Maximum 4 passengers, minimum 3 people.

Price of the ticket for groups:

1 flight/ 1 pax 17.000,- CZK
1 flight/ 2 pax 16.000,- CZK
1 let/ 3 pax 15.000,- CZK
1 let/ 4 pax 14.500,- CZK

The price includes:

- transportation to the start place and back
- insurance of the passengers, baptizing as a flyer
- personal attendance with preparation
- the main flight takes approximately 1 hour
- personal attendance at the end of the flight

In case of bed weather the flight is canceled. Passangers will be informed about that before the flight. In case of cancellation the Stifter Balloons Association returnes the admission in full amount.

Český Krumlov Castle

Selling condition:
If you are interested please contact:
Jiří Kiprý, Masná 128, 381 01 Český Krumlov,
mobile: +420 602 681 050, e-mail:

Orders at least 24 hours in advance!
Ballooning in hot air balloons is possible only on mornings or evenings!